What Should I Do With My Broken Tooth in NYC?

Breaking a tooth is often a traumatic, painful experience. Dental fractures happen in many different ways: sports, injuries, even hard food can break a tooth. Either way, you don’t need to suffer from a broken tooth in Manhattan. With the right steps and a quick visit to your local emergency dentist, you can restore your smile.

Are Broken Teeth a Dental Emergency?

Yes. A broken tooth is a dental emergency that you need to get fixed as soon as possible. Waiting too long to get it fixed gives bacteria the chance to infect the tooth and surrounding gums. It could even require a root canal if you don’t act fast. But every tooth injury is different.

How much pain you feel and how at-risk you are for tooth loss after a broken tooth depends on the severity of the injury. Here’s what you need to know about types of tooth pain:

  • Chipped or crack the enamel: You may not even experience a toothache. That’s because the enamel (the hard part of the tooth) has no blood vessels nor nerve endings.
  • Dentin or pulp is exposed: You may experience pain, discoloration of the enamel, and sensitivity to cold/heat. Bacteria can also infect the pulp, worsening the symptoms.



What to Do with a Broken Tooth (No Pain and With Nerve Pain)

When you break a tooth, you need to act fast. Waiting around or failing to take the right actions will only put you at a greater risk for more complications that could result in tooth loss.

  1. Pick up the broken pieces of tooth and clean off any debris.
  2. Store the broken bits in either a container with your own saliva or milk.
  3. Rinse your mouth to remain any food particles or dirt.
  4. Apply a cold compress or an ice packet to the area to reduce swelling.
  5. If the pain is severe, take over-the-counter pain medication like Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

If the crack is minor and you’re not in pain, then book the earliest appointment to see your dentist. However, if the damage is severe (and if you’ve lost parts of your teeth), then you need to book an appointment with an emergency dentist near you. There are plenty of 24/7 emergency dental offices in NYC. Find the best and call or stop by.

Can You Fix a Broken Tooth at Home?

Your absolute best option for a broken tooth is to visit an urgent care dentist. However, that’s not always an option. If you find yourself in that case, you have a few temporary fixes you can do to keep the tooth healthy.

You can cover a cracked tooth with gum, gauze, or wax to keep it from cutting into your mouth. And there are some broken tooth repair kits you can use as a temporary fixed at home. However, they aren’t an alternative to visiting your local dentist and repairing the tooth.

Never, ever try to shave down your broken tooth with sandpaper or a nail file. And NEVER ever try to extract your own tooth.

How an Emergency Dentist Will Fix Your Broken Tooth

Your local dentist can easily repair minor fractures in your teeth. Usually, this involves patching the tooth with a composite filling. However, if the extent of the damage is severe, your New York City dentist will need to perform a root canal with a dental filling. They may also need to attach a crown to fully repair the tooth.



If the tooth is damaged beyond repair, your dentist may need to perform an extraction and replace the entire tooth with a dental implant. Either way, the best way to get your broken tooth repaired in Manhattan is to search for an “emergency dentist near me”. The sooner you get to your dentist, the better chance you have of restoring your beautiful smile.

Who’s the Best Dentist for Fixing a Broken Tooth in NYC?

You don’t need to suffer from a broken or chipped tooth. Get the treatment you need at Advanced Dental Arts. We’re a top-rated, New York City-based dental practice located near New York University. Our dynamic team of board-certified dental specialists is standing by to help you fix your broken or chipped teeth, repairing your smile.

Whether you’re looking for an NYC dental practice near you that takes Cigna, Aetna, Delta, or any other dental insurance, contact us and ask about our emergency dentistry services today!

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