Oral Health and Covid-19: Is There a Connection?

Your oral health matters a lot more than you think when it comes to Covid-19. The new coronavirus isn’t just transmitted orally. You can develop oral health-related symptoms because of it. And your oral health could also influence the severity of your infection.

The key to staying safe is to stay informed. Here’s what you need to know about the coronavirus and its connection to your oral health.

Does Covid-19 Have Oral Symptoms?

There are several common oral symptoms of Covid-19. While the most well-known symptoms of the coronavirus are fever, cough, and headache, there is evidence that suggests there could be a number of oral health-related symptoms as well.

  • Loss of taste and smell: One of the most common symptoms of Covid-19 is the inability to taste or smell. Some studies suggest this happens for an average of 40% of Covid-19 patients. Loss of taste and smell could be the earliest symptoms in some cases.
  • Dry mouth: Xerostomia has been linked to 45% of Covid-19 positive patients. The lack of enough saliva doesn’t just make you uncomfortably thirsty. The long term effects of dry mouth can be detrimental to your oral health.
  • Hypersalivation and angular cheilitis: These symptoms go hand-in-hand. The excess saliva irritates the skin around the corner of your mouth. Although dry mouth is a common symptom, the exact opposite is an often recorded effect of a Covid-19 infection.
  • Bad breath: According to the Special Care in Dentistry, the changes of the tongue and chemicals in saliva caused by Covid-19 can cause foul breath in several patients. The smell of your breath can be an indicator of infection.
  • Oral ulcers: Oral diseases often happen when there’s another underlying disease present, and Covid-19 is no different. Several patients reported rashes and ulcers inside their mouth.

Difficulty Diagnosing Oral Symptoms of Covid-19

Of course, Covid-19 is a new disease. And its effects and symptoms can vary from person to person. There hasn’t been enough time to conduct thorough research into the reason for the connection between oral health and symptoms.

Oral Health and the Severity of Covid-19

There is a clear correlation between oral health and the severity of Covid-19. Especially when it comes to the level of oral hygiene in patients.

Covid-19 patients with poor oral hygiene risk causing infection to themselves. Oral bacteria that comes into contact with an already weakened lung tissue can result in severe post-viral internal infection. That’s why improving oral health may reduce the risk of complications of Covid-19 infections.

Those with periodontal disease are in greater risk of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. All of these other underlying issues can raise the severity of a Covid-19 infection. People suffering from periodontal disease should consider themselves at-risk.

Keeping Your Oral Health Safe During the Pandemic

It’s especially important to keep yourself as healthy as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic. And oral health is a huge part of that.

Your oral health affects all parts of your life. From eating and talking to breathing, it’s a crucial part of your body. And poor oral hygiene is the number 1 cause of oral-related issues. Regular and appropriate cleaning of the mouth can effectively prevent them.

Need a Dentist in New York City During the Pandemic?

Even during the pandemic, your teeth need professional care. And your dedicated NYC dentists do everything possible to stop the spread of the disease. That’s why it’s safe to go to your dentist, should you need it.

Don’t ignore your dental issues. Trust a qualified New York City dentist to take care of you, and prevent further problems down the line that could put you at risk of Covid-19.

If you have a dental problem in New York, check out Advanced Dental Arts!

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