How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

Endodontists perform 15 million root canals every year. Despite how common they are, people still dread the mere thought of having a root canal. But the pain isn’t the only fear people have. People also wonder “how much does a root canal cost?” This piece will put those fears to rest while helping prepare you for your root canal.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental treatment performed by a local endodontist and designed to repair a diseased or damaged tooth. Once the pulp (the part of the tooth that’s made up of nerves and blood vessels) gets infected or damaged, it has to be removed. The tooth then has to be cleaned and sealed to prevent further infection.

Without a root canal, the bacteria in the pulp can multiply as it breaks down. This can cause an infection or an abscess (a pus-filled pocket at the tooth’s root). If left untreated, an infected root can cause swelling, bone loss, and even leakage in and around the tooth.

Are Root Canals Painful?

Despite the stigmata that seem to be floating around about root canals, they’re not exceptionally painful. Most people tend to be afraid of the procedure itself more than the actual discomfort they experience during it. In short, it’s very similar to having a filling placed. No more or less. And if you’re nervous about your upcoming root canal, ask about sedation dentistry.

How to Tell If You Need a Root Canal in Manhattan?

The main sign that you need a root canal is a severe toothache, especially when eating or applying pressure to the tooth. Discoloration of the tooth, sensitivity to hot and cold, and swelling are also signs that you may need a root canal. But, figuring out the symptoms of a root canal isn’t as straightforward as you’d hope.

Root canals happen because the pulp gets infected. That often happens due to multiple dental procedures, decay, cracks, and trauma to the tooth from an injury. So, if you’ve experienced any of these types of events, you may want to book an appointment at a dentist near you.

Pain isn’t always a symptom of a root canal. That’s why it’s important to schedule regular checkups with a dentist near you and have your teeth examined professionally. 

How Long Does a Root Canal Take in Greenwich Village?

Root canals are complex procedures performed by your local endodontists or dentist. The root canal procedure begins with an x-ray. This helps point out whether or not there’s an infection. Next, you’ll receive local anesthesia to numb the area for the procedure. And if you choose to have dental sedation, your dentist will provide sleep dentistry at that time as well.

At the start of your procedure, your top-rated endodontist will place a dental dam in your mouth to keep the tooth dry during the operation. (It’s important to keep saliva away from the tooth as it has bacteria in it that can worsen the infection.) Next, the dentist will drill a hold in the tooth and remove the diseased pulp. Then, the dentist rinses and sanitizes the area (using sodium hypochlorite).

After cleaning the inside of your tooth, your dentist or endodontist will either place a filling or put in a temporary filling. Temporary fillings help ensure that the infection has been cured before putting a permanent filling on the tooth, which is the final step. Sometimes, further restoration such as a crown is needed to guard the tooth against further infection or injury.

What Is the Price of a Root Canal in NYC?

The cost of your root canal treatment will vary depending on which tooth needs the procedure. The procedure becomes more complicated (and more expensive) the further back the tooth is. So, root canals on front teeth are cheaper than those on molars.

If your root canal fails, you’ll need to have the root canal retreated. And this tends to be more expensive than the first root canal.

There are other factors that raise the cost of your root canal treatment. The dental exam, x-rays, the nitrous will add to the cost. Also, if you need a Cone Beam CT, apicoectomy, dental sedation, or any protective restoration (a dental crown, for example), that will add to the cost as well. With so many variables, it’s best to discuss the cost of your root canal with your local endodontist.

How Much Will You Pay for Root Canal If You Have Insurance?

Most insurance plans cover between 30% – 50% of your root canal treatment. However, you should speak with your insurance provider directly and ask them about what your policy covers.

Who Is the Best Dentist for a Root Canal in New York?

If you’re looking for a root canal specialist in Manhattan, then you should reach out to Advanced Dental Arts. We’re a top-rated, New York City-based dental practice located near New York University. We have a board-certified endodontist on staff who specializes in root canals. And we’re here to help relieve your suffering and help get you smiling again.

Whether you’re looking for an NYC dental practice near you that takes Cigna, Aetna, Delta, or any other dental insurance, contact us and ask about our endodontic services today!

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