Dr. Todd Bertman Featured on CBS Local

Advance Dental Arts Discusses Protective Measures Against COVID-19 and Surcharges

New York City, Greenwich Village, 29 June 2020 – CBS Local interviewed Dr. Todd Bertman from Advanced Dental Arts about the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep people safe during dental visits along with the accompanying costs.

In the article, If You’ve Noticed A COVID-19 Surcharge On A Recent Bill, You’re Not Alone, Dr. Bertman discusses the steps his practice is taking to reduce the spread of COVID during routine dental treatment, “We’re using [lasers] to minimize aerosols and destroy bacteria,” he said, along with “gowns, headgear, face shield, goggles.” But he also notes that prices are inflated and PPE is hard to find. That leads to an increase in cost.

“It amounts to about $25-30 extra more, just in PPE,” he said. “Insurance companies may include it in their fees. They said they would. We’ll see.” Despite that, Dr. Bertman and Advanced Dental Arts aren’t adding COVID surcharges to patient visits unlike other dental practices in the New York area.

Dr. Todd Bertman and Advanced Dental Arts are now accepting patients at their Greenwich Village dental office. The team is following all of the American Dental Association guidelines for reducing the spread of the coronavirus during dental visits using a range of protective measures.

For the full scoop, check out the interview:

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