Dr. Todd Bertman Featured In New York Times

Advanced Dental Arts Illustrates Protective Measures for Dental Visits During COVID

New York City, Greenwich Village, 25 June 2020 – The New York Times interviewed Dr. Todd Bertman about the steps Advanced Dental Arts and other dentists are taking to help protect patients from COVID-19. In the piece, Is It Safe to Go to The Dentist Again, Dr. Bertman explains the steps his practice is taking to keep patients safe.

The article highlights the risk to dentists and dental hygienists during routine dental care and how dental practices are changing in the wake of the pandemic. Patients need reassurance, now more than ever, that they’re not putting their health at risk when they visit the dentist.

The article notes the opposite, that it’s “the dentists and hygienists who are more at risk of getting sick since they are the ones on the receiving end of any aerosol droplets that could contain the virus.

Since Advanced Dental Arts reopened their doors two weeks ago, they’ve been taking exceptional steps to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission. They’ve switched from “ultrasonic cleaners that spray water and saliva into the air to laser instruments.” Additionally, the staff at Advanced Dental Art all wear “head-to-toe” personal protective equipment (PPE). Plastic barriers and testing have also helped reduce the risk of infection.

While the Coronavirus pandemic continues, it is still important to maintain proper oral health care. Missing even routine dental visits can be “unwise” according to the article. That’s why the team at Advanced Dental Arts continues to do everything they can to keep patients safe during their dental visits. They’re taking exceptional measures to promote patient safety, so they can get the care they need.

For the full scoop, check out the article here.

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